The Texas Dash
June 17, 2017

Beat the GT300 teams to the finish!
Surfside to Galveston
Start at Surfside Beach in front of the Beach Access Road at the end of the causeway to Surfside from Clute, 60 minutes in front of the GT300 sailors, 40 miles to the finish at East Beach/RA Apfell Park in Galveston.  

Congratulations to Team Gypsy Soul, Rathcamp and Mumford, on winning the non-spin class in the 2016 Dash!  Congratulations to Team Dallas, John Webster and Steve Foxall, on winning the spin class of the 2016 Dash!

Scuttlebutt on the Great Texas Fleet Google Group. Post questions about the race. Hear from GT veterans. Learn what you need to know to RACE!

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